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If You Still Want Me (The Stables) (Volume 3)

Best Book If You Still Want Me (The Stables) (Volume 3)

Now you can Enjoy book If You Still Want Me (The Stables) (Volume 3) with detailed description:

When the timeless love between Saul and Victoria begins to unravel, it may take Austin coming to terms with himself to put it all back together. Set in Dallas, Texas, this is a Contemporary Romance series with light BDSM elements and mature themes. Each book will be a complete story, no cliffhangers. In book 3, three lives collide, and it could bring The Stables down with them. This book is intended for mature readers and contains romantic scenes of intimacy, including m/m and m/m/f and a polyamorous lifestyle. This book does include light BDSM themes.

Victoria hangs my moon. She’s the reason I get up in the morning and try so hard not to screw things up. I know I fail at that all the time, but I try. I love her, but it’s not enough. I’m too stupid, or something, because I just can’t figure it out. Inseparable since we were kids, now suddenly she’s pushing away and nothing I seem to do can pull her back to me.

Sometimes when you love someone, you have to push them away even if it hurts. And it hurts. It hurts so much, but I can’t let him hold onto me. Saul’s never loved anyone but me, but I don’t know if that’s because he’s never tried. I don’t think he knows, either. It’s something he needs to figure out, because when you end up bound to someone for life simply because they were the first person there who gave half a shit, you can come to hate that binding as much as a rope around your neck.

What do I want? I’ve been told what to do for so damn long that I have no idea how to answer that question. All I do know is that a storm is coming. I can feel it in every part of this place that I’ve called home since I got my freedom. Saul and Victoria are heading in opposite directions and pulling The Stables apart at the seams. I think, maybe, they just need someone to connect them again. Someone to help them find the common ground, and maybe they can help me understand the answer to that first question I can never seem to answer.


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